Sing for Joy!  

Starting September 4, 2018

Spirit’s Call Choir is an all-ages, non-audition, non-religious teaching choir that brings community together in joyful harmony to raise funds and awareness for charity.  We sing for personal, choral and global harmony, and encourage everyone to sing out because to us, sharing joy with each other, our audiences and those we help is what really matters.

What You Get

  • Learn to sing in a safe, encouraging, fun and relaxed atmosphere filled with laughter and song
  • Experience a weekly uplift; it’s therapeutic to be enveloped in glorious harmonies of joyful voices.  Singing in community is scientifically proven to improve your physical and mental health
  • Sing songs from around the world, from pop to traditional
  • Get energized at weekly Tuesday and/or Wednesday evening rehearsals
  • Perform in our public concert at the end of each season to fundraise for charity (optional)
  • Meet new people and make new friends during social time at rehearsals.
  • Get support learning with Online rehearsal tools
  • Enjoy Social Evenings each season (variety night, movie night, potluck, karaoke, etc)
  • Numerous benefits and community involvement that comes with singing in a choir!

Membership is $266 per season or $478.80 per year (10% off).

NEW SINGERS WELCOME to our September and February rehearsals only.
Make us your date night and receive 20% OFF both memberships!
(Discount also applies to immediate family members)

We Support Our Community

The fundraising potential of a large choir is amazing.  Spirit’s Call Choir currently raises approximately $1,500 each concert which we give to charity.  As the choir grows in size we look forward to increasing our contribution exponentially, enabling choir members to raise awareness and thousands of dollars each concert to help to improve people’s lives.

Concert Proceeds Support

Harvest Project, Impacting the community by breaking the poverty cycle and restoring people to participation in work, school and a healthier family life.

Coast Mental Health, A Vancouver based non-profit, we know that people living with severe mental illness can thrive in our communities if they are given the right resources: housing, support services and employment and education opportunities. Together, every day we prove that recovery from serious mental illness is possible.

Spirit’s Call Choir is for ANYONE who wants to sing, because everyone has a voice and a story to share.

We Sing Together Every Week


Tuesdays 6:45 to 9:15pm
Pemberton Heights Community Hall
2260 Philip Ave, North Vancouver

Wednesdays 6:45 to 9:15pm
The Labyrinth
(part of St. Paul’s Anglican Church)
1140 Jervis Street, West End Vancouver

Come to one or both nights!


Fall Session

September 4, 2018 to December 22, 2018
No rehearsals October 16 & 17
Concert on December 22, 2018.


Spring Session

January 29, 2019 to May 26, 2019
Concert on May 25, 2019.


Plus this Summer…

Singing by the Sea

July 3 through August 28, 2018
Tuesdays from 7:00 to 8:30pm (except Aug 7th)
Beside The Silk Purse, West Vancouver

Free Drop-In, NO Concert.


What People Say About Us

“My friend Martha once shared with me that she had joined a non-audition choir for people who didn’t necessarily need to be great at singing. At that time there were 150 members (now grown to 175) and the anonymity that number promised was appealing to me………..I am definitely not a solo kind of gal (for very good reason). However I did grow up listening to all the old musical sound tracks (“Just you wait ‘enry ‘iggins, just you wait….”, etc) and my sisters and I, even in adulthood still get a kick out of breaking suddenly into unabashed, spirited renditions of “The Hills Are Alive” for our own entertainment. So we knew singing could be fun. But could we let go of our feigned British accents and flourishes and be semi-serious about it? We discussed it one afternoon and my sisters and I thought we might be brave enough to try. I believe there were one or two smirks from our husbands who have, to be fair, been subjected to our raucous musical eruptions over the years. So we suggested they put their money where their smirks were and challenged them to show us what they were made of. Luckily, it was a Sunday afternoon; hence wine had been flowing freely. The brothers-in-law-three, eyeballs rolling, agreed to take up the challenge for one season. That was five years ago and sisters and husbands are still going strong. I would never have dreamed it possible or likely. But there was a key ingredient to our loyal devotion. His name is Jeremy. He’s the real McCoy. An expert at what he does, as well as a comedian who knows his members and draws everyone into hilarity along with some damn good singing. WE ROCKED! And we’re hooked. And we miss him. And if you’re lucky enough to have a chance to sing with him, perhaps you’ll be like my sisters and our husbands and never look back!” Colleen Sydor

Spirit's Call Choir Winnipeg

The Spirits Call choir is not just a group to sing with, it is a family. Sandi and Jeremy, who are both wonderful and unique musicians, leaders and mentors have created a welcoming atmosphere of kindness, openness and safety.  All members of this choir are deeply valued and this makes us feel like we are important and that we belong to something special.  As a result we make beautiful harmonious music together, we share lots of laughter and there is always a sense of happiness in the room.  After each choir session, I feel like I have been cleansed from the inside out.  I feel uplifted, stronger, kinder and ready for whatever is ahead in my week. Kyala Joy

Spirit's Call Choir, Vancouver

“I went to the first session and I had so much fun!! Sandi and Jeremy are such warm and welcoming people and can make anyone feel at home. I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun singing. It is a choir that anyone can join and everyone should. It is such a fun environment to be in where laughing and smiling are contagious. I would recommend this choir to anyone who is looking to have a fun time singing. I am so glad I found this choir!” Erica Steward

Spirit's Call Choir North Vancouver

“…I felt as if I had a spiritual life again, was singing for a purpose, and made many friends. Jeremy, our choir director, created a supportive and humourous environment as he gently pushed us to new heights.”
Kerry Strom

Spirit's Call Choir Winnipeg

“I still vividly recall Grade 2… the day of the concert the teacher took me aside and asked me if I would just mouth the words because my singing was disturbing the rest of the choir. I was mortified and never sang again, not even when I was alone. All that changed when I met Jeremy and Spirit’s Call Choir. I may not be a great singer, but now I can sing; it has expanded my world in so many ways.”
Linda Olsen

Spirit’s Call Choir Winnipeg

“I left the choir practice feeling very inspired and am reconnectin­g with my passion for music. This, along with the fun atmosphere keeps me coming back!” Jim Leong

Spirit's Call Choir North Vancouver


Who We Are

Sandi Melody

Sandi Melody

Co-Director, Spirit's Call Choir

Sandi founded Harmony House Music Training and Performance Center in 1993 to teach students the fun they can have in music while driving to excel.  Sandi’s passion is teaching vocal ensembles and performance classes because there is so much creative energy in the room where students learn to be supportive and accepting of each other, generating excitement as they see the positive results of their collaboration. Read more…
Jeremy Vallance

Jeremy Vallance

Co-Director, Spirit's Call Choir

Jeremy has delighted choristers and audiences spreading the joy of singing with humour, high energy and enthusiasm, leading Winnipeg’s Spirit’s Call Choir for the last eight years. Excited to build a choir in Vancouver, Jeremy has long taught that music must be fun and accessible to everyone. With positive acceptance he invites everyone into a comfortable and non-threatening atmosphere that gets them to relax, laugh and enjoy themselves while discovering they can sing together in harmony.  Read more…