Sandi Melody

Sandi Melody

Co-Director, Spirit's Call Choir

For more than 20 years Sandi Melody has been “mother” to the many students that have grown up in Harmony House Music Training & Performance Center, a school she founded to teach students the fun they can have while driving to excel. She takes pride in helping them achieve their musical goals and derives great joy from watching them succeed both in the school and after graduation.

In her youth, Sandi was a competitive swimmer who attained National Standing between 1978 and 1983. She went on to graduate from the Vancouver Community College Diploma Contemporary Music Program in 1992 with a double major in voice and piano, and then she earned her jazz degree in vocal performance from Cap U.

From her training and schooling came the inspiration for Harmony House, a music school built on the belief that music is a skill anyone can learn, not just a natural talent of the elite. She created a performance-oriented music program to provide students knowledge and opportunity to develop their musical skills and build their confidence performing for an audience. Mirroring her swim training, she helps students set small goals that lead them to achieve bigger goals, demonstrating that when we apply ourselves and stop fear and negative opinions holding us back, anyone can reach their musical goal from simply singing a scale to touring with your own band.

Sandi also loves imparting good leadership skills to her students, helping them develop healthy relationships with themselves (their personal goals), their team mates, our music community and the community at large. It’s important that everyone knows how to work harmoniously together, as Sandi says “the best musicians have a clear understanding and respect for what the other musicians in their band do.” It’s about progress, not perfection.

Sandi’s passion is teaching vocal ensembles and performance classes because there is so much creative energy in the room where students learn to be supportive and accepting of each other, generating excitement as they see the positive results of their collaboration. Sandi borrowed a quote from Marianne Williamson which she printed on bracelets for the students: “The Quality of the Collaboration Determines the Result.”

An environment where people feel safe to express themselves, free from intimidation and feelings of inadequacy, is the best place to be. Healthy self esteem translates into happy and joyful people, and that is the ultimate goal of Harmony House.

Sandi is also passionate about yoga and mental health, sings in the jazz duo “Teun & Melody,” and volunteers weekly at The Canadian Mental Health Association.

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