Tuesday, May 10th rehearsal

Providence Ferry Somewhere to Begin (new!) Babylon Alleluia (Russian) Eriskay Love Lilt Humble   SET LIST for Concert (not in performance order yet) 1) Alleluia (Russian) 2) One Love 3) Sound Within My Heart 4) Gaia Chant 5) Listen to the Music 6) Wade in the...

Tuesday, April 19th rehearsal

Attendance:  22 choristers Warm up: breathing, relaxation Ear Training: major scale with numbers (up and down; 1, 121, 12321, etc), major chord with solfege (do mi so do so mi do) Songs:   Eriskay Love Lilt: page 2 “ooo’s” with solfege  GREAT JOB!...

Tuesday, April 12th rehearsal

Warm up: breathing, relaxing, vibrating from the souls of the feet to the palms of the hands. Technique: vowel placement from back to front (ah, oh, oo, eh, ee), shaping soft palate & tongue, playing with vibrato! Ear Training:  major chord in both directions (do...

Tuesday, April 5th rehearsal

Welcome back (again!) to those of you who missed our first week last week.  There are still a few who have indicated they are returning but haven’t made it yet – and a few who will be traveling over the spring session but will be dropping in when...

Tuesday, March 29th rehearsal

Welcome Back! It was so wonderful to see so many of you back for the spring session.  Several regulars were away this week but will be back on the 4th.  Here’s what we did: After our vocal warm up and ear training (brain gym!), we had a fun time reviewing a...

Why Singing is Good for Your Health

Posted by Dr. Ben Kim on Jul 18, 2011 Link to Dr. Ben Kim’s blog Natural Health Care: Music & Singing for Health: Looking for a fun way to get and stay healthy? Try singing on a regular basis. But not any old singing will do. The kind of singing that will provide...

Tuesday, March 1st rehearsal

We were able to cover the remainder of the songs on our “set list” for our upcoming concert next Tuesday, March 8th!  Remember the purpose of the concert is to raise money for the Northshore Syrian Refugee Family that Canyon Heights Church is sponsoring....

Tuesday, February 16 rehearsal

Warm ups 1) Now is the Time – home grown song by Brian Hoover on Bowen Island 2) Abee-oh Abay-oh – Mauri welcome song 3) Bambalela – South African song meaning Never Give Up!   First half   4) Wade in the Water – practiced the transition...

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